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    Oplight comprises of a surgical steel reusable retractor base unit and two Light Cartridges which are disposed of after a single use.

The Oplight™

Traditional overhead lighting systems or head mounted fibre optic systems have limitations and are sometimes sub-optimal for surgery into deep cavities where shadowing can be an issue. The integral light guide designed into each Oplight cartridge maximises and directs light directly into the cavity eliminating the possibility of shadowing.

Key Features


Single use sterile disposable light cartridge

Light cartridges are provided in a sterile pouch of two, for stocking within the theatre environment. Can be inserted into base unit in a pre-op setting or directly in situ as required.


Reusable Retractor

The Oplight Retractor can be reprocessed through normal hospital sterilisation protocols and then further sterile light cartridges are available separately.


Light Duration

The light cartridge will provide adequate illumination of the surgical cavity for up to 90 mins. The flexibility to switch on and off one or both sides will provide varying illumination that should prove useful for many operations.

Key features

  • Reusable base
  • Two light cartridges
  • Cartridge can be illuminated individually
  • Easy use ratchet mechanism
  • Single use disposable light cartridges
  • Retractor can be used as a traditional retractor without lights
  • Toothed or plain end paddles available
  • Ergonomically designed retractor
  • Lights Easily inserted, pre-op or in situ
  • Individual on/off switch
  • Integral light guide projects light downwards
  • Single use light cartridges
  • 90 mins of constant use
  • Illuminates cavity without shadowing

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"I have now tried one of the Oplight retractors. It was very helpful for a deep anterior posterior capsule. The light was bright and well-focused and the steel retractor retracted well and held in place well.

I am sure will be ideal for a fem–pop bypass in a deep popliteal fossa and will save the next one for such a case"

- Mr Steven Boom, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Ayr

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  • LC 55x25

    Single use slide-in cartridge.

    • 2 per set
    •  Sterile
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  • Oplight PSS

    Surgical Steel self-retaining Retractor with plain paddles.

    • Sterile
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  • Oplight TSS

    Stainless Steel self-retaining Retractor with toothed paddles.

    • Sterile
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Clear Surgical Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC for the following products

  • Oplight S Sterile re-usable Surgical Retractor with in-built single use light source
  • Sterile Single use light source as an accessory component to the reusable surgical retractor for illumination of surgical cavities
  • Interchangeable disposable sterile heads for use with reusable cannulated reduction forceps for reducing fractures and providing guidance for surgical implants

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