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We are aware that surgeons may wish to try our product range in countries that Clear Surgical do not yet have a distributor. In order to support surgeons world wide to trial our products, sample quantities can be purchased directly from the Clear Surgical. If enough demand can be demonstrated in a country a distributor will be identified and established.

Singe use battery powered LED light source can be attached to a variety of existing surgical instruments.

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Combination Reduction Forceps comprises a stainless steel reusable base instrument and single use disposable fragment sets.

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Clear Surgical Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC for the following products

  • OpLight Sterile Single Use Light Cartridge with Double Sided Tape
  • Sterile single-use light cartridge as an accessory component for surgical retractors
  • Interchangeable disposable sterile single-use heads for use with reusable combination reduction forceps for reducing fractures and providing guidance for surgical implants

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