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    Clear Surgical

    Our aim is to constantly innovate new ideas that will benefit patients by collaborating with surgeons to research and develop and bring to market novel healthcare solutions to improve and extend the quality of life for patients.

Our Products

We are aware that surgeons may wish to try our product range in countries that Clear Surgical do not yet have a distributor. In order to support surgeons world wide to trial our products, sample quantities can be purchased directly from the Clear Surgical. If enough demand can be demonstrated in a country a distributor will be identified and established.

Singe use battery powered LED light source can be attached to a variety of existing surgical instruments.

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Combination Reduction Forceps comprises a stainless steel reusable base instrument and single use disposable fragment sets.

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Clear Surgical Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC for the following products

  • OpLight™ Sterile Single Use Light Cartridge with Double Sided Tape
  • Sterile single-use light cartridge as an accessory component for surgical retractors
  • Interchangeable disposable sterile single-use heads for use with reusable combination reduction forceps for reducing fractures and providing guidance for surgical implants

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