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    Clear Surgical

    Our aim is to constantly innovate new ideas that will benefit patients by collaborating with surgeons to research and develop and bring to market novel healthcare solutions to improve and extend the quality of life for patients.



The Oplight and CR Forceps have been designed by surgeons for regular use in theatres to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of the surgical operation. The two products will find wide application in their respective uses and new applications will become evident with increased usage and experimentation.



The use in military situations has not yet been explored but the opportunities where regular power is unavailable is obvious example where the Oplight could be invaluable allowing operations to continue with limited power or lighting.

The Combination Forceps being primarily designed for use on trauma incidents is well placed to provide surgeons with quick and precise alignment of broken bones with speed and accuracy.


Clear Surgical Ltd is accredited to EN ISO 13485:2016 for Design, Development and Manufacture of sterile disposable surgical instruments and non-sterile re-usable surgical instruments.

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