Designed to light up the entire surgical cavity area, shadow free, at its site rather than remotely

Intelligent solutions to complex problems

Clear Surgical are dedicated to developing precision-engineered equipment designed to bring practical, workable solutions to even the most complex of surgical procedures. Medical and healthcare professionals often face exceptionally complicated situations on a daily basis, so there’s a need for equipment that empowers the user from the first moment to the last. Our mission is a simple one: to help the most skilled specialists perform to the highest standards time after time. To find out more about our products, or to hear about the benefits that come from using them, call the Clear Surgical team today on 0132 4466 887. We hope to hear from you soon.

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The Oplight

  • Will attach to any flat blade retractor
  • Single-use reduces potential cross-contamination
  • Easily placed to optimise illumination of the surgical cavity
  • Simple on/off switch means additional surgeon control
  • Patented integral light guide projects light downwards
  • Illuminates cavity without overhead shadowing
  • Medical grade self adhesive designed to withstand even the most vascular procedure
  • Cordless technology, just ‘Stick & Click’
  • Powerful, shadow-free illumination
  • No capital equipment expense

The illumination you’ve always wanted

Every surgeon knows that poor lighting can have a dramatic effect on the complexity of any given procedure, and most admit that in almost every case, lighting is an  issue in the operating theatre.  That is why we developed the exceptional Oplight. This simple but effective medical device has been created to provide all the illumination needed, in even the darkest of areas, without the difficulties caused by overhead shadowing. It is user-friendly, and attaches to any flat-blade retractor.  Designed  for single use, and thereby minimising  any chance of cross-contamination, the Oplight can be used safely in hospital operating theatres, dental surgeries, and veterinary  clinics. Indeed anywhere that needs powerful, reliable, targeted illumination and is also perfect for environments where lighting is compromised or energy sources can be interrupted.  For more information, contact Clear Surgical today.

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