Our Mission

Clear Surgical is a forward thinking Medical Device company, established to support surgeons through the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices. We are passionate about utilising technology to improve the lives of medical professionals, patients and caregivers.

Our Vision

Our aim is to constantly innovate new ideas that will benefit patients by collaborating with surgeons to research, develop and bring to market novel healthcare solutions to improve and extend the quality of life for patients.


Extensive market research has been conducted by Clear Surgical in the development of its products.  This market research is done in conjunction with experienced surgeons and it is important to Clear Surgical that we are rigorous in our testing while being ethical, safe and environmentally aware in all our endeavours.

In order to ensure our tests are conducted in accordance with this ethos, Clear Surgical has chosen to conduct its research and testing on Thiel cadavers.

The Thiel soft embalming technique is a sophisticated method of preservation of complete human cadavers that allows them to maintain many features of the live body, particularly with regard to the authenticity of colour, tissue consistency and flexibility.  

Thiel cadavers offer many benefits when using them in research and testing, including:

  • life-like and realistic simulation model
  • reduced risk of infection
  • minimal odour
  • negligible formalin levels
  • longevity, as bodies can be kept up to 3 years
  • reduced deterioration compared to fresh frozen cadavers