Say Goodbye to the Dark and Hello to the Light

The days when medical and healthcare professionals had to make do with inadequate illumination are finally over. The totally reliable, highly innovative and easy to use Oplight enables the specialist to position a powerful light source anywhere they want, even in the darkest cavity. With the Oplight from Clear Surgical, you can have illumination how you want, where you want and for as long as you want. Surgical lighting, so often a frustration in the past, is about to change forever. Make sure you have the Oplight with you at all times from now on.

Medical Surgery

Even the most modern of operating theatres aren’t able to provide clear overhead lighting without some degree of shadowing, and that’s why the Oplight is a game-changing innovation. Simply fit to any flat-blade, place in the required position and you’ll have all the lighting you need with no more concerns about shadows getting in the way. When the pressure is on, you need continued focus with no distractions and lighting you can rely upon.

Dental Surgery

Overhead lighting has always provided the main illumination source for dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons, but sometimes this can imply not be enough to give the unimpeded visibility to see the detailed imperfections. The Oplight from Clear Surgical is the ultimate solution, enabling the user to place a light source right where it’s needed with no more worries about shadowing. Our disposable Oplight can be positioned and kept in place with ease, switched on and off in a moment and will enable clear, perfect visibility in even the most difficult to reach areas of the mouth. They come individually pouched and sterile, so you can use them in singles or in pairs. This is the oral procedure lighting you’ve been waiting for.

Veterinary Surgery

The Oplight is set to change the way veterinary surgery is conducted forever, as it will finally eradicate the problems caused by poor illumination. Cordless, affordable, versatile and, above all, powerful, it will enable you to finally have the veterinary surgery lighting you need to carry out even the most complex of procedures. You won’t need an external power source to make it work, and Oplights are single-use so there are no fears about potential cross-contamination. Get ready for a new era in veterinary surgery.

OpLight™ Key Features

  • Will attach to any flat blade retractor
  • Single-use reduces potential cross-contamination
  • Easily placed to optimise illumination of the surgical cavity
  • Simple on/off switch means additional surgeon control
  • Patented integral light guide projects light downwards
  • Illuminates cavity without overhead shadowing
  • Medical grade self adhesive designed to withstand even the most vascular procedure
  • Cordless technology, just ‘Stick & Click’
  • Powerful, shadow-free illumination
  • No capital equipment expense

"I have now tried the Oplight. It was extremely helpful for a deep anterior posterior capsule operation. The light was bright and well-focused and easy to attach to my retractors.

I am sure will be ideal for a fem–pop bypass in a deep popliteal fossa and will save the next one for such a case"

- Mr Steven Boom, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Ayr