Medical and healthcare professionals have long faced problems with the quality of the illumination in treatment rooms, surgeries and operating theatres. Armed with this insight, Clear Surgical worked closely with surgeons around the world to develop a potential solution, and that solution is the Oplight. This powerful, user-friendly light source will provide instant, targetable illumination in even the darkest cavities.

The Oplight is exceptionally versatile, purely because it can be easily affixed to most flat-blade retractors and placed exactly where the lighting is really needed. It works with a comprehensive range of retractor types, including Norfolk-Norwich, Kocher, Guttman, Sauerbruch, Jackson Burrows and Hibbs. See below for a full list of compatible retractors.

Oplight Compatible Retractors

Langenbeck RetractorPhyrah RetractorSt Marks Retractor
Norfolk and Norwrch RetractorObwegeser RetractorSimon Vaginal Retractor
Kocher RetractorTudor Edwards Scapula RetractorCloward Style
RetractorBooklet Right Angle RetractorJackson Burros RetractorHibbs Retractor
Pryon-Pean RetractorDoyen Vaginal RetractorHeaney Hysterectomy
GuttmanLateral Vaginal Wall RetractorTaylor Spinal Retractor
Meyerding RetractorLamina SpreaderFakuda Shoulder
Retractor Tuffier RetractorReinhoff RetractorHeaney-Simon Retractor
Piling Multipurpose BladeDavidson Scapula RetractorHarrington Extra Retractor
Deep Deaver RetractorLemmon Extra Deep DeacerBalfour Center Blasdes
Wexler Expandable BladeBeckman-Eaton Retractorlteekman-laton Retractor
Davis Bain SpatulaYu Holtgreve Malleable BladeSauerbruch Retractor
DeBakey- CooleyTaylor RetractorHorizontal Retractor
Venhhone Splachmc Retractor

The Oplight

The Oplight was developed from an original idea by Murali Subramanian, a vascular surgeon who has worked at NHS Ayrshire and Arran. Like many of his contemporaries, he had misgivings about the quality of illumination provided by overhead lights and health issues arising from the continued use of head-mounted lamps in operating theatres. He knew there had to be a better way, and from this the Oplight was born.

As well as providing the right type of focused illumination for the precise location, the Oplight is designed for single usage in order to prevent cross-contamination. It requires no external power source so it can be sited anywhere, and it can be easily switched on and off as and when the surgeon wants. The end product perfectly combines Murali Subramanian’s vision and Clear Surgical’s commitment to innovation.

Murali Subramanian

Surgeons working across a variety of disciplines are now able to enjoy shadow-free working thanks to the Oplight. Deep cavity procedures in particular will be transformed, and users are now able to perform in optimal conditions without causing undue stress to the neck and back. The difference is remarkable, don’t miss the opportunity to join the growing throng of Oplight devotees.

Procedures that will benefit from Oplight use include abdominal aortic endarterectomy, lumbar posterior fusion, deep posterior capsule release and many more. Surgeons no longer have to worry about shadowing caused by overhead lights, visual obstructions caused by hands and instruments or having to constantly move clamp-lights in order to redirect illumination.

Optimal Surgical Procedures

Abdominal aortic endarterectomyDeep posterior capsule releaseBreast and axillary access
Fem-pop bypass in a deep popliteal fossaAnterior Lumbar InterBoard of Directorsy Fusion (ALIF)Cardiac TAVI surgery
Neurogenic (neurological) thoracic outlet syndromeLumbar posterior fusion (PLIF)Axillary node dissection
Vascular thoracic outlet syndromeMastectomy; depending on approach
Popliteal aneurismDeep posterior capsule release
Lumbar posterior fusion (PLIF)
Open Cholecystectomy

To find out more about the many benefits of the Oplight, all you have to do is get in touch with the Clear Surgical team. A better, safer and more practical way to carry out procedures is available right now, so call 0132 4466 887. We look forward to hear from you very soon.