Surgical Disciplines

Medical Surgery

Every surgeon knows about the importance of having access to the finest surgical instruments, manufactured to the most precise standards and always reliable. The highly innovative Oplight heralds a new approach to illumination during even the most complex procedures, including arthroscopic, reconstructive, spinal and micro-surgery disciplines. The lighting in some theatres can still unfortunately create issues with shadowing and visibility during deep cavity procedures, while surgical headlights can cause problems with unwanted shadowing, neck and back strain. The Oplight is the answer to these issues, providing doctors, nurses and surgeons with a clear view at all times.

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery by its very nature has to be an exact science, so clear, uninterrupted illumination is a necessity. Clear Surgical has developed a practical innovative solution with the Oplight, designed to bring all the lighting you need for even the most intricate of procedures. There are a number of excellent reasons to use an Oplight during dental procedures, including the convenience of an on-off switch, the elimination of shadows and the simple, disposable nature of the device. Whether you’re a traditional community dentist, an orthodontist, a dental nurse or a more specialised oral surgeon, you need to be able to see what you’re doing clearly from start to the finish of any procedure, so the OpLight is an absolute must-have.

Veterinary Surgery

In any given working week, a veterinary surgeon will inevitably have to perform procedures on a wide cross-section of creatures, from small household pets to large farm animals. Not to mention, this important work often takes place in remote, open environments, such as a field or barn. Many of these procedures require as much illumination as the vet can find, and that’s why the Oplight should always be on hand. This practical, reliable, targetable and surprisingly powerful medical device, the Oplight will help you to carry out even the smallest, most complex of operations. Whether you perform an occasional procedure or you’re constantly in theatre, you should make sure poor lighting or overhead shadowing aren’t compromising your ability to perform to the highest standards in the existing environment.