About Clear Surgical

While some companies are happy to walk the tried and trusted paths, others are determined to transform, to develop new initiatives and to revolutionise their chosen fields. Here at Clear Surgical, we’re on a mission to innovate, and in the process to bring solutions to even the most complex situations.

We work hand in hand with surgeons across the UK to make their lives easier. New technologies have brought incredible changes to operating theatres and surgery rooms in recent years, and we’re committed to bring yet more. Developing new ideas and turning them into precision-made, superbly crafted tools for the trade is our mission, and it’s a mission that will continue to expand.

Our highly impressive Oplight is just one example of what we have to offer the medical, dental and veterinary sectors. User-friendly, powerful and immensely practical, it brings targeted illumination to the darkest cavities, and it makes the problem of overhead shadowing a thing of the past. If any product sums up the Clear Surgical approach to innovative problem-solving, it’s this.

Intricate, accurate implant alignment is vital on a number of procedures, and our Combination Reduction Forceps enable the surgeon to have complete faith in drill sleeve placements at last. Developed by the Clear Surgical team and now available to the market, the forceps are just one more example of what we have to offer. There are many more innovations to come.

Clear Surgical have collaborated with NHS Scotland on a number of occasions to give us a better understanding of what the specialists need. Our ambition is to consolidate and enhance our reputation for high-tech solutions for surgeons working in hospitals, dental practices and veterinary surgeries. We have a history of providing the right tools for the right procedures, so take a look at our products and see what we can do for you.