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    The Latest Advancement In Surgical Cavity Illumination. Single-Use, Cable-Free, Flat Bladed Retractor Compatible

The OpLight™

Traditional overhead lighting systems or head mounted fibre optic systems have limitations and are sometimes sub-optimal for surgery into deep cavities where shadowing can be an issue. The integral patented light guide designed into each OpLight™ cartridge maximises and directs light into the cavity eliminating the possibility of shadowing.

Key Features


Single use sterile disposable light cartridge

Light cartridges are provided in a sterile, double bagged, pouch for easy access in the operating room.


Attaches to multiple existing retractors

Double sided tape allows for easy attachment to all flat bladed retractors. Just 'Stick & Click'.


Superb Illumination

The OpLight will provide superb illumination of the surgical cavity.

Key features

  • Can attach to all flat bladed retractors
  • Single-use reduces potential cross-contamination
  • Lights easily placed to optimise illumination of the surgical cavity
  • Simple on/off switch means additional surgeon control
  • Patented Integral light guide projects light downwards
  • Illuminates cavity without overhead shadowing. Reduces the need for head-mounted lamps
  • Firm attachment: resistant to dislodgement
  • Cordless Technology just 'Stick & Click'
  • Extremely Powerful illumination
  • No capital equipment expense

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"I have now tried the OpLight™. It was extremely helpful for a deep anterior posterior capsule operation. The light was bright and well-focused and easy to attach to my retractors

I am sure will be ideal for a fem–pop bypass in a deep popliteal fossa and will save the next one for such a case"

- Mr Steven Boom, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Ayr
  • LC 5525 DT

    Single use cartridge with tape.

    • 2 per set
    •  Sterile
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  • SLC 5525 DT

    Single-use cartridge with tape.

    • 1 each
    • Sterile
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Clear Surgical Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC for the following products

  • OpLight™ Sterile Single Use Light Cartridge with Double Sided Tape
  • Sterile single-use light cartridge as an accessory component for surgical retractors
  • Interchangeable disposable sterile single-use heads for use with reusable combination reduction forceps for reducing fractures and providing guidance for surgical implants

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