Dr Robin Sellar


Dr Sellar grew up in India and Oxford.

He attended St Thomas’s Hospital and London University, graduating MBBS in Medicine and BSc in Psychology.

In 1979 he came to Edinburgh as a clinical cardiologist but changed to radiology in 1980. In the same year he was appointed Lecturer in Clinical Imaging.

In 1986 he was appointed Consultant Neuroradiologist and Senior Lecturer in the department of Clinical Neurosciences.

Dr Sellar has written more than 200 papers and articles. His research has been acknowledged by the British Institute of Radiology (the Mackenzie Davidson Medal) and the Royal College of Radiologists (the Roentgen Medal).

Dr Sellar is the past President of the British Society of Neuroradiologists and is the current President of the Scottish Neurosciences Council and the Dean of the School of Neurosciences.

Married to Annie with three children, his interests include literary theory, wine, Spain, tennis and golf.